Important Milestones
1999 Drafting ideas, research and apprenticeship begins
2000 Establishment of Yenzheka Birdnest House Design Specialist
2001 First successful production of birdnest from swiflet house
2003 Expansion of business
2004 First advertising campaign, resulted in 500 enquiries via phone calls
2005 Participated in the first conference in Genting, and launched Instant Edible Birdnest
2006 Receives recognition from Malaysia's MSC Corporation - MSC status
2007 Receives accreditation from ISO : 9001, Asia Pacific’s Super Healthy brand, 8th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur
2008 Receives “ Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award” from Global Business Magazine, Top 25 Brands of Birdnest across Asia
2009 Permission granted by the Malaysian Government to manage and provide consultation the production of Birdnest at Suria Eco Park in the state of Johor
Future Goal is to have 100 over birdnest houses from current 52 and break into whole Asian market
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